Dribbling to Pass Session Example
(7-9 year olds)

For more age-appropriate training sessions, visit the Technical Zone at WashingtonYouthSoccer.org.

Part 1 — The Warm-Up

Spread balls/cones around the area. Have players move in and around the balls. How many actions can you think of that a soccer player would do? Do not move balls!

Have players each pick up a ball in their hands. What are some different ways they can move the ball around their bodies?

Are your players struggling? Use hands
Are your players striving? Use feet and dribble with a ball

Part 2 — Technique (to Skill)

On one side, players each have a ball to dribble, using simple moves inside their zone. On the other side, players pass and move with one ball in their zone.

Add defenders to each zone, so you could have 6v3 in each side.

Struggling? Type of dribble, use of hands, safe zones
Striving? Type of dribble, area to dribble in, target zones to attain!

Part 3 - Game-Related

Start 4v4 with two neutral players, one in each end zone. Teams can play with either of the neutral players, who are safe in end zones. Neutral players can dribble into area if they want to make 5v4 in the middle. Players score by passing to a player or dribbling into gates in the corners.

Struggling? Can drop into safe zone to receive ball, use of hands
Striving? Change positions with neutral player after pass

Key Coaching Points — Body Mechanics

  • Agility and balance.
  • Contact surface of foot.
  • Change of direction and speed.
  • Deception.
  • Setting up defender.
  • Protecting the ball.
  • Vision.
  • Tactical application to the game.