Long-Term Player Development

By Gary White, Technical Director

In our continued search for the most effective, modern-day developmental initiatives to improve our players' educational experience and to develop holistic and competitive players, we must continue the education of our coaches and parents.

We want to ensure that everyone involved in training youth soccer players understands the importance of placing their energy and enthusiasm on long-term development, and not on the short term excitement of a result or a medal.

Our Long-Term Player Development model is just that — "Long Term"— and our aim is to provide a standardized, structured support plan to guide and assist our clubs, coaches and parents in adopting international best practices that will assist all our players in reaching their full potential in the game.

What is Long-Term Player Development?

  • A New System to Create a Logical Progression in Holistic Player Development
  • A Global Industry Best Practice Methodology, Philosophy and Culture
  • Incorporates Age-Appropriate Training
  • Focuses on Technical & Tactical Training and Development
  • Emphasizes Physical & Mental Training and Development
  • Highlights Motion Management Training and Development
  • Spotlights the Well-Being Aspects of Player Development

What are the Long-Term Player Development Objectives?

  • Change the current mentality of the game
  • Eliminate setting players up for failure (due to backward thinking)
  • Create lifelong soccer enthusiasts, interested in the game for many years
  • Create quality technical players who enjoy the real fruits and longevity of the game
  • Development of players and coaches
  • Produce better-quality coaches
  • Educate parents and the soccer community at large about what a longā€term approach to training and preparation really means

Supporting Washington Coaches

The damage that can be done by inappropriate coaching practices at an early stage may not be fully recoverable at a later stage in a child's soccer development. With this in mind, Washington Youth Soccer continues to redefine through constant research and development our content and delivery systems in order to offer our members the most modern coaching and education courses, workshops and seminars available.

2010 Washington Youth Soccer Coaching Education Programs:

  • U6, U8 & U10 Modules
  • Team Management
  • Systems & Their Variations
  • Set-Play Situations
  • Match and Player Analysis
  • Movement and Coordination
  • Goalkeeping, Functional Training
  • Female Soccer Development
  • Positional Roles
  • Sports Science
  • Sports Psychology
  • State "E" Certificate
  • State "D" License
  • National "C" License
  • National "B" License
  • National "A" License

To learn more about the Long-Term Development Plan, or for more information about any of the coaching courses mentioned above — including dates, locations and registration details — visit the "Technical Zone" at www.washingtonyouthsoccer.org.