December 2013

Exciting New Developments
in Coaching Education for 2014

By Shannon Murray,
Washington Youth Soccer Director of Coaching Education

In September, I had the opportunity to meet with many of the top coaches from throughout US Youth Soccer's Region IV at the annual Region IV Fall Workshop in Salt Lake City. The Workshop provides coaches from different states the opportunity to come together and share ideas for furthering the development of the coaches and players throughout our region, and learn about the new programs US Youth Soccer has planned for the coming year.

Among the topics at this year's Workshop were several changes to the coaching education formats for youth soccer coaches, the most notable of which are listed below. Each of these changes were designed to make it even easier for coaches to pursue higher education in the coaching world, whether by increasing feedback, adding digital components to go with field and classroom sessions, or — in the case of the "F" License, creating an entirely new course to help entry-level coaches build a strong foundation for the future.

Primary points of discussion included:


Improvement upon the candidate - Instructor interaction and feedback portion of all courses.

The aim is continue to strive for more candidate-centered courses. Instructors completed a pre-event assignment that involved evaluating a video of a training session and then role-playing their feedback to that candidate. Instructors were given feedback on the type of interaction given to the candidate, with the emphasis on reflection and improvement as opposed to just identifying mistakes.

"D" License logistics updates

With the new four-phase "D" License that was implemented in 2013 by U.S. Soccer, discussion was held on the logistics of the Deliberate Practice Phase and the quality of feedback given to the candidates during this phase. Various types of feedback were discussed, including mentorship and the implementation of a "Google Hangout"-type resource to provide more specific feedback to our coaching candidates.

"E" License Updates

The candidate testing topics are being revamped for 2014. The "E" license course will remain a one-weekend course centered on coaching the 9-12 year-old athlete.

"F" License Launch

A new "F" License is due for launch in the spring of 2014. The license will focus on coaching the 5-9 year-old athlete and will be a one-weekend course. The idea of this course will be to help the recreational coach as well as serve as a bridge to the "E" License.  Details for this license will be announced in early 2014.  Please keep an eye on our website for course announcements.

Following the Workshop, the above information was relayed to the Washington Youth Soccer Instructors Staff at a training workshop held at the Washington Youth Soccer offices on Oct. 13. Fifteen instructors attended the workshop, which focused on continuing to improve our licensing and education programs for all of our coaches within the State of Washington.

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