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State Office Staff Put
Their Endurance to the Test

Washington Youth Soccer to support the American Lung Association at Oct. 23 “Fight For Air Climb” in downtown Seattle

Every day, from September through June on fields across the state, Washington Youth Soccer players are asked to give 100-percent effort in practices and games, always keeping a greater goal in mind — be it winning a State Championship, or merely improving and having fun.

Later this month, Washington Youth Soccer staff will likewise be asked to give their 100-percent effort to a greater cause — in this case, raising money to support the American Lung Association as part of its annual “Fight For Air Climb” in downtown Seattle.

On Oct. 23, the state office staff will be joined by hundreds of civic-minded families, individuals and teams from across the state in the lobby of Two Union Square, where they will embark on a 51-story climb to benefit lung disease research nationwide.

“We felt as a staff that this was a great way for us to get out in the community and really reflect the values of teamwork and community service that our state’s players and teams exhibit on a daily basis statewide,” said Elizabeth Flannery, Washington Youth Soccer’s Marketing and Communications Director.

Washington Youth Soccer’s staff will compete as a team to raise money for the American Lung Association, then work together to reach the top of Two Union Square’s 51 stories. Washington Youth Soccer members who wish to participate can learn more at, or can make a direct donation to support the Washington Youth Soccer team and the American Lung Association by clicking here.

“We’re excited to have this chance to bring our soccer community together to support another non-profit organization,” Flannery says. “It’s a testament to what we can do as a community when we all work together.”