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The Importance of Coaching Education

In this edition of PlayOn!, we want to focus on the importance of Coaching Education. The summer months mark the peak of the coaching education season. Below, you will find information about our coaching education programs, how to register and the importance of getting certified as a coach.

Basic Principles Behind Washington Youth Soccer Coaching Education Program:

  • To provide the most innovative and progressive coaching development initiatives for our membership
  • Offer a wide range of educational opportunities
  • Enhance the knowledge of soccer coaches
  • To develop better players by creating training environments where the focus of coaches and parents is on development and not on the short-term result of a game or a medal
  • To retain players in the game past their playing years

Who takes our Coaching Courses?

Anyone who is interested in learning about the game is welcome to take our coaching education courses. We have a wide-range of participants in our courses, from the parent learning more about the game, to elite coaches in the state. Participants do not need to have previous knowledge of the game to find success in our courses. If you have no previous game knowledge, we recommend that you use the online modules as your starting point. The first course that you can take without previously taking a course is the “E” Certificate course.

Interested in becoming a coach?

Coaches at National "C" License

We recognize that, many times, parents are thrown into the coaching role with no previous soccer experience. We seek to ease the transition and calm the stress of this new coaching role. Our new online coaching modules and video training session/downloadable lesson plans are the perfect remedy for this situation.

Washington Youth Soccer continues to be an innovative leader in coaching resources for our members. All of our initiatives are based around the Long Term Player Development Plan, designed to develop better players by creating training environments where the focus of coaches and parents is on long-term development over short-term results.

Our new online coaching modules for new coaches and parents are dedicated to promoting coaching education to the volunteer parent-coach who wishes to continue to educate themselves in the fundamentals of soccer development. Members from all over the state are becoming better prepared to teach our wonderful game to our players and children.

The online coaching modules make coaching education easier by using visual demonstrations via video or animation, combined with printable exercises and one-page practice sessions.  We feel we now offer a comprehensive learning process that makes it simpler for a coach to see, read and implement the individual exercises and age-appropriate development for U6, U8, U10 and U12 coaches in their own time and in the comfort of their own home.

To provide an additional resource for this group, we have created online age-appropriate training sessions. The session plans include an eight-week video curriculum that the parent or recreational coach can use for their team. In addition to the video training sessions, the Under-6 and Under-8 curriculums include downloadable PDF training sessions that coaches can even bring to the field with them! In 2011, Under-10 and Under-12 curriculums will be created as well.

What courses are available for registration?

  • U6 Coaching Certificate

    This course will educate coaches on how to develop self-awareness in U6 players, as well as presenting the types of movement-education and simple-to-perform tasks that are appropriate to their development.

  • U8 Coaching Certificate

    The U8 coaching certificate is designed to provide coaches of U8 players with age-specific activities and games that maximize the development of the player's early sense of the relationship between time and space.

  • U10 Coaching Certificate

    In the U10 coaching certificate, coaches learn more about the specific psychomotor, cognitive and psychosocial needs of the U10 player, and are instructed on tasks and drills that emphasize and encourage their fundamental tactics and skills.

  • The State “E” Certificate (Also available in Spanish)

    This is an introduction to the methodology of coaching and the four components of coaching soccer — Technique, Tactics, Fitness and Psychology. Field sessions concentrate on developing technique within small-sided games that also present problems for players to solve within the game.

  • National “D” License (Also available in Spanish)

    After obtaining an “E” license, coaches may progress to the “D” license course, which is geared towards those who coach players aged U14 and up. Also covered during the course is the coaches’ “Tool Box," which focuses on helping players to learn through various coaching styles, as well as a greater understanding of coaching the 11v11 game. This is a tested course in which candidates will either receive a National “D” License or a State “D” License.

  • National “C” License

    Coaches who have obtained a National “D” license may take the National “C” License course. Targeted primarily to coaches of the U11-U14 age groups, a primary emphasis in the National “C” License course is the close relationship between technique and tactics. Coaches will be challenged to find ways to offer constructive guidance to players while also allowing players to experience the game for themselves. The National “C” License course also provides a foundation for any coach wishing to pursue higher levels within U.S. Soccer’s Coaching Education Program.

Where can I take a Coaching Education Course?

Washington Youth Soccer proudly introduced our new regional and statewide schedule of coaching education events, which significantly increased opportunities for youth soccer coaches across Washington. Now, our over 50 highly qualified state staff instructors facilitate courses in every region of the state.

How do I register for a Coaching Education course?

To register for a Coaching Education course please visit the Technical Zone on our website, On our site you will find a full listing of the courses that we currently have open for registration. Courses are broken up on the website by the type of course — for example, “E” certificate, “D” license, etc. If you have additional questions about courses, you can contact our Technical Administrator, Kimberly Grant,

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