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Specific Weight Lifting Activities

Resistance Training: (single-joint focus)

Single-joint strength training involves moving a specific body part against resistance in a given direction. An exercise ball, resistance bands and ankle weights work just as well as weight machines and fancy gym equipment.

Examples of resistance training:

  • Quad Strengthening: Single-leg squat with back against wall.
  • Hamstring Curls: Standing with weight around ankle.
  • Exercise Ball Push-Ups: Push-up with feet on ground and hands on ball.

Strength Training (multi-joint focus)

Athletes do not stand stationary during their sport. An athlete’s muscles work together to achieve running, cutting and hopping. Strengthening muscles through motion helps develop dynamic muscle strength and teaches both main muscles and assistant muscles to work together.

Examples of sport specific exercises:

  • Polymeric Activities: Box jumping, hurdle hops and agility ladders.
  • Walking Lunges and side shuffle: Use a resistance band tied to a wall to add difficulty.

Olympic Lifts: Clean, jerk and snatch

Power lifts can help strengthen overall muscles in the body. The clean, jerk and snatch promotes muscle strength, explosion and power. However, Olympic lifts need to be done correctly to decrease the risk of injury. Olympic weight lifting should only be performed with a strength training specialist available to teach proper body mechanics. It is important to begin Olympic lifts working on body mechanics and slowly work up to using weights.

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