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New, Healthy Fundraiser!

Washington Youth Soccer has partnered with Wenatchee-based fruit company, Stemilt Growers and their Bountiful Fruit Fundraising program to offer clubs and associations a fresh, flavorful and healthy fundraiser!

The Mathisons, founding family of Stemilt, have been growing premium apples and pears in eastern Washington since the early 1900s. Now, Washington Youth Soccer clubs and associations have an opportunity to raise funds by selling boxes of premium-quality Stemilt apples and pears.

Aside from getting healthy fruits into other people’s hands, the best part of this fundraising program is that the club/association will receive a 33 percent profit on each box of healthy fruit that is sold. With boxes ranging from $25-35, that’s a profit range of $8.25-$11.55 per box. As you might imagine, profits can add up quickly!

How to get a Bountiful Fruit Fundraising program started:

  1. Have your fundraising lead contact Stephanie Chance at Stemilt to start your program. She can be reached at 509-662-9667, x1242.
  2. Distribute brochures and order forms to your teams to get them selling! We will provide you with these forms.
  3. Collect orders and all payments by the order deadline date (indicated on the program brochure).
  4. Place your club/association’s group order with Stephanie. She will arrange for the fruit to be freshly packed and delivered to a pre-determined location for teams to pick-up and distribute. (Note: A check will need to be made out to Stemilt to cover the fruit costs prior to delivery.)
  5. Await the fruit delivery date and have your teams distribute to all those who purchased a box!

Here are a few of the most commonly-asked questions:

How much money does my organization make for selling this fruit?

You earn 33-percent off of every gift box sold. Most gift boxes are sold at $25, which means your organization makes $8.25/box (or 33 percent). A few gift boxes are sold at $35, which means your organization makes $11.5/ box (or 33 percent).

When does our organization get the money for this fundraising program?

Immediately! Checks should be written out to your organization’s name. That means you get your money up front. After you have all your orders in and have collected the money, you place your order and pay us for the fruit.

When will the fruit be delivered?

For this fundraiser, clubs and associations will have until Sept. 30 to make their sales and submit their order to Stephanie. Fruit will then be delivered on a predetermined date between Oct. 16-31.

How is the fruit delivered?

We will charter a truck to deliver the fruit direct from our Wenatchee fruit-packing facility. It doesn’t get any fresher!

Will the fruit arrive fresh?

You bet. You will be receiving fruit directly from us – since the day the fruit was harvested it’s been carefully stored at 34 degrees to keep it fresh and tasty. There is no middleman with us; you are buying direct from the grower. 125 of our gift boxes fit on one pallet, and 24 pallets can fit on a truck, so we can fit quite a bit of fruit!

How do you keep the fruit from being damaged in transit?

Each gift pack of fruit is packed in a one-layer box that has a soft tray that molds to the fruit – this keeps the fruit from rolling around and provides cushion for the drive to your drop-off point.

I don’t know anything about these apples, can you give me some more information?

  • Honeycrisp Apples
    This new apple hit the stage about 10 years ago in small volumes, and has quickly become a favorite among apple lovers. The crunch of this apple is totally unique and the flavor is sweet with a honey essence.
  • Cameo Apples
    Crunchy and mildly sweet, this variety was discovered in Washington in the 1980s.
  • Fuji Apples
    Crunchy and the sweetest of all apples, Fuji was discovered in Japan in the 1930s.
  • Red Delicious Apples
    This all-American favorite is sweet, crunchy, and very aromatic.
  • Gala Apples
    Galas are crunchy with an easy-going sweet flavor.
  • Bartlett Pears
    This pear sets the standard for pear flavor. Very rich and juicy, a classic favorite!
  • Anjou Pears
    This all-green pear is another classic, lots of juice with a sweet/tart combo.

What are some of the selling points that can be passed on to potential customers?

  • This is one of the FEW fundraising opportunities that is 100% HEALTHY! Apples & pears are both high in fiber, they both contain antioxidants, and they both have numerous other nutrients and minerals good for the body.
  • The fruit comes from Stemilt Growers, a family-owned grower, packer, shipper of apples and pears since 1964. We are located in Wenatchee, known as “The Apple Capital of the World.”
  • Our fruit is grown on some of the best fruit growing land in the world.
  • 100% vertically integrated – we grow it and pack it for you!
  • At $25 per box, customers are getting 10lbs of fruit – and you are getting $8.25 in profit – everyone wins!

What’s so special about this fruit?

  • The best premium fruit in the United States – hands down.
  • Each gift pack is carefully packed using strict quality control measures.
  • It’s HEALTHY!!!


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