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Build a Training Plan For Your 2010-11 Season

With the new season right around the corner, it is imperative that you begin to finalize your team's strategy if you wish to maximize your players' and team's potential.

The annual education plan must encompass not only short-, medium- and long-term team goals and priorities, but additionally the periodization of training. Periodization is a method of forecasting the approach to training and competition so that the annual training program is a series of "periods." Each period has a specific type of activity to ensure your players are fully prepared in order to amplify and capitalize on the team's strategic plans for the season. See below:

For our coaches here in Washington who are training players between 11-18 years old (Zones 1 & 2 of the Long-Term Player Development Plan) the annual educational/training plan is based around these same periods, but obviously the scheduling of activities would not be geared exclusively around the team's performances.

Despite the team's results during games, you should have an outline of the training preference that has been set from your age-appropriate annual educational plan and from the needs of the team that were collected and prioritized during your game-evaluation process (technical, tactical, psychological or physical factors).

Criteria to be taken into account when designing your team's annual educational/training plan

  • Playing level, performance age, and age-appropriate training level
  • The number of players (squad size) available
  • The game schedule
  • The objectives for performance on the field for the season, and per-game
  • The infrastructure, equipment and conditions available for training
  • The coaching staff available
  • Analysis and assessment of past performances
  • Additional criteria to be considered:
    • Sports Science
    • Inclusion of preparation or recovery period
    • The social environment of the players (family, school, lifestyle habits, etc.)

The graph below gives you a guideline and emphasizes the distribution of the main training elements needed in the development of the modern soccer player. This information will assist you in creating your team's annual education / training program.

Click here for an example of a Technical Training Session for players aged 13-15. For further information on our Long Term Player Development Plan (LTPD) please visit the Technical Zone at

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