April 2015

An Exciting Year Ahead in Coaching Education

by James Charette
Washington Youth Soccer Director of Coaching Education

The 2015 Coaching Courses are starting to populate on the Washington Youth Soccer website. You can register for the “E,” “D” or State-hosted June “C” License directly through our site. If you are interested in the “A,” “B,” “C” or “F” Licenses, you must register with US Soccer. If your Association or Club has an interest in hosting a special topic session or any other course, please contact Bastien Catrin.

U.S. Soccer released the “F” License on Feb. 20. The “F” course is specifically targeted to coaches working with six- to eight-year-old players. The course will be available online at U.S. Soccer’s Digital Coaching Center. The DCC allows coaches to create a personal profile, register for courses, communicate with technical staff, take part in online courses, create session plans with an online graphics tool, access an archive of U.S. Soccer training sessions and much more.

It is recommended that you do not complete the entire course in a two-hour time block, but rather extend the course material over time. The program allows a coach to start where they left off the previous visit. The content is relevant and refreshing for all coaches that work specifically with six- to eight-year-old players, regardless if you attained an “E” License or higher.

US Soccer Policy Change
Beginning in 2015, Coaches who hold diplomas or certificates from other organizations, like AYSO and the NSCAA, will not be provided entry points into the US Soccer pathway. For additional information on entry points into US Soccer pathway, click here.

"We feel it is an effective time to incorporate changes to our policies that will coincide with the targeted standards and expectations in the courses we teach," said Dave Chesler, U.S. Soccer Director of Coach Development. "These changes are important stepping stones that create a safe, well-defined pathway for our youth players at every level to enjoy a higher-quality environment. The changes reflect increased expectations for the instruction of the course, as well as coaching candidate performance."

Coaching Education does not stop at the conclusion of a course. Rather, this is the beginning; we want to provide continued coaching education support throughout your coaching lifecycle. If there are any services that we can provide to support your continued learning at all levels, please let us know.

If you have any questions regarding U.S. Soccer coaching licensing or supporting your coach development, please do not hesitate to contact the Washington Youth Soccer Coaching Education Department.


Apr. 13-24 - National "E" License, Highline College
Apr. 17-19 - National "D" License, Bellevue
May 1-3 - National "E" License, Olympia
May 1-3 - National "D" License, Spokane Valley
May 15-17 - National "E" License, Pasco
May 15-17 - National "E" License, Mountlake Terrace
May 15-17 - National "D" License, Olympia
May 29-31 - National "E" License, Leavenworth
May 29-31 - National "E" License, Mercer Island

About the Coaches

James Charette
• Washington Youth Soccer Director of Coaching Education
• Technical Director, Blackhills FC
• U.S. Soccer National Instructional Staff
• U.S. Soccer “A” License

Rob Walker
Director of Coaching, Federal Way FC & Head Coach, St. Martin's University

• Holds U.S. Soccer "A" License
• National Licensing Instructor
• Former GK coach for U.S. Men's Olympic Team
• Has coached at youth, ODP, college and National Team levels

David Griffiths
• Head coach, Seattle United GU14
• USSF "B" License
• UEFA "B" License
• EPD Assistant Coach
&bull 2-time State Cup champion