Recreational Soccer Puts Fun First

PlayOn sits down — in as much as a 6-year-old can sit still — with Kendall of the Lady Lightning Leprechauns to learn what makes recreational soccer so popular

By Brian Beaky
Editor, PlayOn!

Q. What is your favorite thing about soccer?
A. It is wild.

Q. Do you like games or practices better?
A. I like games better because we get snacks at games. We do not get snacks at practices. And I like yummy fruit.

Q. What is your favorite thing to do in soccer?
A. Score the most goals.

Q. Who is your coach?
A. Coach Thomas. He is my aunt’s neighbor!

Q. What is the name of your team?
A. Lady Lightning Leprechauns.

Q. Do you like any other sports besides soccer?
A. Yes, I like volleyball. You should be tall in volleyball and I am going to be very tall. And you should be a strong woman or man to play volleyball. I am very strong because (flexes arm muscles) I have these muscles.

Q. Do you have any friends on your soccer team?
A. Yes. I have Alex and Evelyn. Alex goes to my same school and I see her a lot at recess. And Evelyn used to be in my class. I also have new friends on my team.

Q. Do you like to play in the rain or sun?
A. The sun so I can get very hot and warm.

Q. Do you work hard at practice?
A. Always!

Q. Do you work hard during games for your team?
A. Yes! Yes! Yes! I even scored a goal!

Q. How did you score the goal?
A. I went toward the goal, stopped the ball and the other team stopped, and then I ran off again really fast with the ball and went straight to the goal. I ran up to the ball and kicked it and it rolled all of the way in the goal!

Q. That sounds very tricky. How do you celebrate at the end of a game?
A. We put two hands in the middle and say 2-4-6-8 and the other team’s name. Our parents make a big tunnel for us to run under! We get trophies after our last game!

Q. Does your little sister play soccer?
A. Yes!

Q. Who is her coach?
A. My Mom and Dad coach her team! My Dad might be the best. Actually, my Uncle Jamie is the best, because when he kicks the ball it goes all the way until you can’t see it and it barely misses the moon!

Q. What do your parents get at the end of the year for volunteering to coach Leah’s team?
A. They should get a BIG pizza celebration!

Q. What is one thing that you have learned this year?
A. I am a lot better at soccer. Actually, when I was playing Sharks and Minnows, or maybe it was Lochness Monster, I did a good job shielding the ball so the monster could not get my ball.

Thank you for being interviewed, Kendall.
A .You’re welcome!

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