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Why did the stepsisters kick Cinderella off the soccer team?

Highlight for answer: She wouldn’t go to the ball!

What do a soccer player and a leaky faucet have in common?

Highlight for answer: They both dribble!

Why did the soccer ball quit the team?

Highlight for answer: He was tired of being kicked around.

Why are soccer players so good at math?

Highlight for answer: They really know how to use their heads!

What do you use to light up a soccer stadium?

Highlight for answer: A soccer match!

PIG is a juggling game that's played like HORSE in basketball.

  • Player 1 leads. The ball always starts in the hands and ends with a catch.
  • The leader calls a juggling pattern (ex., “Right foot, left thigh, left foot, catch!”) then tries to do it.
  • If successful, player 2 must then complete the same pattern. If player 2 cannot successfully do it, s/he gets a letter "P."
  • Continue playing until one player is out by spelling he word P-I-G.

Match the soccer terms

Advantage1. A restart from the sideline after a ball has been kicked out of play.
Shielding2. A means of placing the body between the ball and the opponent to protect the ball and maintain possession.
Near Post3. Another name for soccer cleats.
Pitch4. The goal post furthest from the ball.
Throw-In5. To kick the ball out of the air.
Boots6. A restart taken by the defending team when the attacking team sends the ball out of play over the endline.
Far Post7. A decision by the referee to continue the play of the game because stopping the play would benefit the team who committed the foul.
Volley8. A restart taken by the attacking team when the defending team sends the ball out of play over the endline.
Goal Kick9. The goalpost closest to the ball.
Corner Kick10. Another name for a soccer field.

Highlight for answers:1. Throw In; 2. Shielding; 3. Boots; 4. Far Post; 5. Volley; 6. Goal Kick; 7. Advantage; 8. Corner Kick; 9. Near Post; 10. Pitch.

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